Introduction to Kumite Gata

introduction to kumite gata

what is kumite gata?

Kumite Gata can be seen as Kata ohyo: applications of Kata techniques.

These Kata are known under several names such as: Kumite gata, Ura waza, Kumite no Ura and for example Kata Ohyo. Ishikawa sensei new lots of "Ura waza" but did not structure them. Sakagami sensei uses numbers for his Kumite gata within his Aiwakai.

Eventually it is of course the technique and execution that matters and not knowing the number or a name, but it does help to memorise when you start to learn it.

the original matrix

Kumite gata are originally a series of 36 techniques. 

The number 36 is not a coincidence, but is the result of the following sum: 2 x 3 x 2 x 3 = 36

  • 2: Ai gamae, Gyaku gamae
  • 3: Gedan, Chudan, Jodan
  • 2: Uchi zeme, Soto zeme
  • 3: Go no sen, Sen no sen, Sen sen no sen

The first two of the order that I chose are Ai gamae and Gyaku gamae, which deals with the initial position. Then, the attack can be classified as Gedan, Chudan and Jodan and thereafter follows the choice of moving to the inside or outside of the opponent which is called Uchi zeme and Soto zeme. Finally there are different moments that you can use to move. These are Go no sen (react to), Sen no sen (interrupt) and Sen sen no sen (act before). 

what is the difference between kihon kumite and kumite gata?

Even if you do not have the capacity to explain by word - you can feel the difference when you practise. There is a tremendous difference between Kihon Kumite and Kumite Gata. 

These are two differences between the two series.

1 - In contrast to Kihon Kumite, you deal with Ukemi's attack by counter attacking right away. 
In Kihon Kumite you counter in the second or even third movement. The conclusion is simple - even though they are not designed as actual fighting techniques: Kumite Gata are series of techniques that have more focus on overcoming the opponent and controlling him. The techniques are more towards application as opposed to Kihon Kumite. Of course, neither Kihon Kumite nor Kumite Gata or ready-to-use techniques, but clearly there is a different emphasis.

2 - Kihon Kumite teaches you how to control your own body. Kumite Gata teaches the opposite.
Kumite Gata is all about getting the right angle, manipulating the opponents posture and options. It has less emphasis on controlling your own body - you learned this already in Kihon Kumite. Instead, you learn how to use your body and control your opponent. 

In Kumite Gata, use your body in a more sophisticated manner as opposed to Kihon Kumite. It includes more tactics, applications and variations of movement.

Simply compare Kihon Kumite 1 and Kumite Gata 1 to see what I am talking about.

the difference is clear

Is Kumite Gata better than Kihon Kumite?

kihon kumite 1

kumite gata 1



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