Kogeki Waza

what is kogeki waza?

Attacking Techniques - that's what Kogeki Waza means. The classification ranges from seperate basics, normally referred to as Kihon as well as combinations: Renrakuwaza or Renzokuwaza. Either way, the techniques are more close to Ohyo Kumite although the opponent does not do too much.

Attack with your front hand

1/3 how to setup Tobikomizuki Maegeri 

Is Tobikomizuki means as your main blow or?

2/3 adapt when distance changes

Unfortunatly, your opponent has a plan too and he can react to your movement. Here's what you can do to stay in control.

3/3 long live centre line

Instead of reacting your opponent may be in attack mode himself. He may even attack you as you are just about to attack yourself. Here's how you can still attack even though your opponent applies Sen Sen No Sen.



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use atemi to setup your attack

use your knuckles to close the gap

Why is it that people get countered? 

Easy: your opponent has a plan too. 

Difficult: And he needs to be thrown off that plan.

Hard: District him with invisible movement first.

Omote kuzushi nage dori

It is relatively easy to take your opponent down during regular practise. But how to get close enough to actually throw him? Situations may occur that you are close from the start - let's assume you are not. How do you get close without getting hit? 

irimi nage as kogeki waza

In this Kogeki Waza, called Irimi Nage, Irimi is used to enter deeply and claim the space to take the opponent down. Many people know how to take the opponent down, but not how to cover the actual initial distance and get to the position to do the takedown in the first place.

You need to break into the opponents maai and apply pressure causing kuzushi even before the actual throw. Doing it this way, you do not need any muscular power. Keys are the pressure, the angle and depth of your entry. Launching the punches is to keep the opponent occupied.

use these attacking techniques first