Idori – Ashi Dori: Manipulation of legs

demonstration of ashi dori step by step

variation of ashi dori

ashi dori omote waza

The Digi Dojo - I Dori - Ashi Dori -8

ashi dori henka waza

The Digi Dojo - I Dori - Ashi Dori -5

how to position for Ashi Dori Nage

Some Idori techniques are versatile in itself (as a hands-on technique) while others are way more appropriate if actually done seated. This happens to be the case for Ashi Dori.

Having said that, if you understand the principle you can always make it work whether you are standing up or sitting down.

Let's analyse Ashi Dori more deeply...

Forget about Idori for a second and imagine both you and your opponent are standing. Then simply 'copy paste' the techniques and here's what happens:

  • If you would try the Omote version (hand on chest and behind ankle) you wouldn't be able to apply pressure (and that's given you can even spread your hands apart that far).

  • If you would try the Henka Waza (hand on inside knee and behind ankle) the direction of your energy does not match the movement of your arms (so you won't be able to do it with your body).

And yes of course... your oponent can always do something so the Idori versions are not without risk either. Having said that, Idori isn't built as selfdefense. It's Kata.

So where am I going with this?

I want you to understand that if one thing changes, everything changes. 

Omote version: If you stand up, transform to grabbing the upper leg instead of behind the ankle. Do it with two hands and bump into your opponent with your shoulder. 

Henka version: Since you go down primarily from standing up all the way to the ground, using your elbow is way more effective because that allows you to match the dropping action to your arm movement.

With this in mind, let's look carefully at the key points of Ashi Dori and discover how direction and positioning creates effective technique - or not.

​Ashi Dori

the direction means everything

Your alignment has stong and weak lines and techniques require you to use this.

Your strong line versus your opponents weak line - that's the ideal. How? This video will show you just that using Ashi Dori's Omote and Henka Waza.


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