Goshin Jutsu Mune Dori

mune dori is one of the most generic attacks

When it comes to your opponent grabbing you, there are only so many options. Although Junte Dori (wrist grab) is often taught first, Mune Dori is more common. 



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katate mune dori

meotode otoshi uke to shuto uchi

Shuto Uchi is a well known Karate technique, but rarely used in the correct manner. Here's an example of using it on short range.

kuzushi nage (easy)

Distract the opponent and get in right away to take him down. This way is easy because you don't have to think about complicated leg nor arm movement.

Kuzushi Nage (advanced)

Move to the outside so you can learn three things: continuous arm movement. Leg switching and smart positioning.

karatekids goshin jutsu 1 performance

Wadokai Holland uses a specific syllabus for Kids that includes 8 Goshin Jutsu. This is #1. 

karateKids goshin jutsu 1 slow

Note especially how the wrist is controlled.

mune dori application from pinan shodan

Wado Kata Ohyo like these are the best: from Tanren.

Compression And Expansion From Pinan Shodan

Although you wouldn't make this combintion practically, it's good practise to learn how to control and use your body.

Ryote mune dori

Ryote Mune Dori

When your opponent takes hold of you with both hands, react as fast as possible. Adequately. 

Ideally you react even before he takes hold of you - well.. you should not be there in the first place.

Transform Gedan Barai into Tsuki with Noru

Move your body to the left and twist to the right as you execute Soto Uke with your right arm. At the same time, force his arm down and strike his abdomen.

Shuto Uchi

Twist your body to the left as you grab his sleeve or arm and strike with Shuto Uchi is his neck.


Pull with your left hand as you push with your right while stepping behind him to apply Kuzushi (don't use a Judo type of throw).

Kuzushi Nage

Continue the movement and use your Shuto to control your opponent as you force him down to the ground.

pinan sandan morote uke ohyo

Here's an example of how to use Wado Taisabaki in the case of Ryote Mune Dori. It's the video of the above screenshots.

it's better to be a little more early

Generally, we practise when someone grabbed you already. You get a major advantage however by executing your counter slightly earlier though.

Tsuki With Noru To Empi

It's nice to know "Nagasu, Inasu, Noru" but how to apply them? Here's an application of Noru.

Pinan Yondan Haishu Uke Ohyo

I learned this one from Yokoyama Kancho.