Nunchaku Kihon, Kata and Kumite

what is nunchaku?

Nunchaku is a well known weapon, popular for demonstrations. The fancy movements however, are just for show.

Nunchaku is versatile and devestating - not just for spinning.

It can also be used to swing, block, choke, control and lock the opponent. All these are examples of how Nunchaku can be used.

Before you can do any of those techniques, you have to control the Nunchaku. This comes down to holding the Nunchaku, controlling the trajectory and catching it.

Here's what you can expect me to add in the near future:

  • Different types of Nunchaku
  • Nunchaku Kamae (how to stand)
  • Nunchaku Osame (how to catch)
  • How to build your own Nunchaku

how to hold nunchaku

"You have to hold it at the bottom so you have more reach and power".

"You have to hold it at the top because you can spin faster and it's easier".

Learn why Yokoyama Kancho says yes and no to both perspectives and how his explanation is truly mind blowing.

nunchaku kihon

full 21 min. nunchaku kihon walkthrough

how to control for fast striking combinations

side swing target practise

do's and don'ts of nunchaku kesa uchi



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nunchaku kata

nunchaku fukyu kata dai ichi

This Kata teaches you the basics of Nuchaku. What stances match the movement and HOW to handle Nunchaku >> Spinning, Striking, Kamae. How to increase and decrease the speed. 

nunchaku fukyu kata dai ni

The second Kata created by Kazumasa Yokoyama Kancho teaches different Kamae, advanced catching methods, combinations and variations of body movement.

nunchaku fukyu kata dai san

The third and last Nunchaku Kata from the Fukyu Kata series contains more complex movement. It requires feeling and control of the momentum that Nunchaku creates.



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nunchaku kihon kumite

Spinning movement is commonly known from movies. The total versatility of Nunchaku however, goes well beyond spinning movement. In fact - spinning is not an actual attack. Learn how to use Nunchaku is many different ways to control and overcome the opponent.

controlling the wrist

This is the first technique from 5 Kihon Kumite that shows you how the basics of Kansetsu Waza.

kihon kumite 2 ohyo

The topic of Kihon Kumite 2 is Shime Waza - how to choke the opponent useing your Nunchaku.

kihon kumite 4 henka

The fouth Kata from the series teaches Nagasu and Irimi. This concept allows you to position yourself creating an advantage over the opponent. This Kumite is a variation of the formal Kihon Kumite 4.

learn to catch first - then become dynamic

To teach my students certain aspects of Nunchaku, I designed a routine. It contains spinning, different types of catches, a fundamental Kamae as well as Kesa Uchi. 

Start with catching nunchaku first

Spin. Catch. Strike. Catch. Spin... Give this routine a try if you fancy Nunchaku.

do this to make it more dynamic

With everything in life: once you get the hang of it DO MORE. Ask more. Demand more. Increase difficulty while at the same timing improving your dynamics with this one tweak.

There's training. And there's smart training.

Analyse, Isolate and Emphasise. If you want to master this routine faster, do these three things (and I'll show you).