Sanbon Kumite Jodan Uke 2 TSUKI UKE

what is tsuki uke?

Tsuki Uke... well.. what is it. Tsuki or Uke? Punch or block?

It is both. Both at the same time. 

The Digi Dojo - Tsuki Uke Inasu

Tsuki Uke is an application of Ko Bo Ittai - attack and defense occur at the same time.

The point is not only to attack and deflect the opponents attack. Hit the opponent as you change the trajectory of his attack while manipulating his posture and disrupting his energy.

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Tsuki Uke step by step with intention to punch— not block

The Digi Dojo - Uke Waza - Tsuki Uke1
The Digi Dojo - Uke Waza - Tsuki Uke2
The Digi Dojo - Uke Waza - Tsuki Uke3
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applications of tsuki uke

Tsuki Uke combination

This combination is like a cross and uppercut. The cross is done as Tsuki Uke giving you more leverage as opposed to just striking with a cross.

It holds an element of defence while you strike.

The Digi Dojo - Uke Waza - Application of Tsuki Uke
The Digi Dojo - Uke Waza - Application of Tsuki Uke2

Tsuki uke to kuzushi nage

After Tsuki Uke you need to be able to move smoothly. Anywhere. I hesitate to use the word "footwork" but you need to be able to adjust your footwork to setup the next movement. Watch how I control momentum and take him down.

Turning your step into a punch

Turn your punch into a step to take him down. Tsuki Uke will not only hit the opponent but disturb his centre as well. In the video I duck and use Nagashi Uke, which is another way to get inside. You might as well do Tsuki Uke as pictured.

Tsuki Uke to Irimi Nage

practise in the dojo 2011

Here's a combination that you can use for your practise.

variation using uraken

When we went to Bulgaria back in 2007, I thought I had seen it all. Especially Ishikawa sensei's techniques. I was wrong - and blown away by his movement.

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tsuki uke in kumite Gata 6

Watch Kumite Gata 6' demonstration and explanation to see how Tsuki Uke works with higher level movement.



Sanbon kumite jodan uke 2

key points of tsuki uke





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