Morote Uke

first: the most well known morote uke

Here's the one that we all know. That move from Pinan Shodan and Godan.

If you're from Shorin Ryu it's Chudan, but essentially it's the same movement.

What makes this movement Morote Uke? And why do some people in Wado call this Soto Uke?

Two questions that are easy to answer...

What makes this movement Morote Uke? 

Morote means both hands, which DOES NOT mean you block with both hands. It means that both hands move in the same direction (but may do something else individually).

And why do some Wado people call this Soto Uke?

Since in Wado it's generally accepted we don't "block with two hands"... From my previous answer though you can see how that conclusion is a bit too superficial.

test your timing and alignment with this ippon kumite

The screenshot below is the bad example, where it's more difficult to use your Kamae right away. That's another element this Ippon Kumite allows you to test. So: timing, alignment, readiness of Kamae.


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is the cross block juji uke or morote uke?

Is it Morote Uke or Juji Uke?

In Wado, we often refer to Morote Uke instead of Juji Uke. 

The meaning of Juji is the Kanji 10: 十. Juji Uke is commonly known as a `cross block`. However, Juji refers to the similarity of the position of the hands and the Kanji, not the actual cross action.

examples of Juji Uke from Chinto

Though it is not impossible to use crossed arms, it is more advantageous to use one arm to control and to attack with the other, preferably at the same time. Using both hands at the same time can be efficient when training kata though, to practice both sides. 

Be careful to never press the arms firmly against each other.

They really are 2 separate actions executed at the same time.

For this reason, in Wado this is often called Morote uke, not Juji Uke.

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morote uke loop training

If you wish to practise these variations of Gedan and Jodan Juji Uke, pull both fists back to Hikite and execute them one after the other.

The Digi Dojo - Uke Waza - Shuto Juji Uke
Morote Hikite
The Digi Dojo - Uke Waza - Gedan Juji Uke

other examples of morote uke

Morote Shotei Uke and Hasami Uke are both examples of Morote Uke. Juji Uke is also a Morote Uke, but as you can see, not every Morote Uke is a Juji Uke.

Morote Shotei Osae Uke
The Digi Dojo - Uke Waza - Otoshi and Age Shotei Uke
The Digi Dojo - Uke Waza - Hasami Uke

sanbon kumite chudan uke 4

Sanbon Kumite chudan uke 4 demonstration and explanation



It's easy to spot the Meotode movement when I show it slowly.


The body movement. The stance. Morote Uke... There are all equally important as they are one. Note especially how I move into stance and connect that to Morote Uke.


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