Sanbon Kumite Jodan Uke 7 HASAMI UKE

what is Hasami uke?

Hasami, which means scissor, is resembled by the movement of the hands.

Hasami Uke is used to catch an attack and simultaneously execute a locking technique. This means that Uchi and Soto Uke are sort of executed at the same time, catching the attack between the arms. Remember that Uke Waza means receiving technique instead of blocking technique. Uke Waza is done to attack. Hence, it is not only important to lock instantly, but also to affect the opponents posture. We practise hasami uke in Jodan uke Nanahonme (#7). 

what if i told you hasami uke is a principle?

hasami uke and kani basami

This application is called Kani Basami, applying the same principle using the legs. Kani means crab, so the legs resemble a crab locking something between his scissors. 

Hasami Uke

The Digi Dojo - Uke Waza - Hasami Uke

kani bassami

The Digi Dojo - Uke Waza - Application of Kani Basami

hasami uke means instant control over the opponent

hasami uke only works using the right body movement




Ishikawa Sensei said: "Idea from Pinan Shodan". Can you see how that works?



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