Uraken Uchi – The Finer Details & Application

key points to note when executing uraken

The form of the fist is the same as in Seiken. However, this time the back of the fist or the knuckles are used.

Uraken is most famous for its variety of angles of attack as well as for its snapping wrist action. It is also possible to use the complete back of the fist instead of just the knuckles. This is often used without the wrist snap.

The Digi Dojo - Shiyobui - Uraken

A variation is Yubisaki Uchi, which is a relaxed hand with loose fingertips. This is used to hit the eyes for example.

what is uraken?

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dynamics of uraken

Uraken has a couple of variations. Basically though, there are two ways you can use.

hikite of uraken

How do you pull back? Why? Let's study different ways to do Hikite on Uraken.

use this drill to hardwire uraken

uraken ippon kumite

the mini series
uraken unleashed

1/3 start with the basics

Using this stance and these key points allow you to focus completely on Uraken.

2/3 ishikawa special

Mr. Ashihara said: "Ah, creative". Apart from doing something else every once and a while, you need to challenge yourself. Coordination and the dynamic or Uraken are more demanding to execute properly when you use this method.

3/3 taking kamae

One way is fancy, the other effective. Which one do you pick?

sanbon kumite chudan uke 6
uraken + wado taisabaki

sanbon kumite chudan uke 6
how to execute uraken using seishan dachi




This Kumite contains typical Wado Meotode and teaches you how to utilise your Kamae to control your opponent.

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