what is shotei?

Sho means palm of the hand and Tei translates into bottom or base.

It can be use for attack as well as defense. Shotei is reffered to as Shotei Uke or Shotei Uchi - depending on how it is used.

When doing Shotei, bend at the wrist forcefully and fold the fingers to use the palm of the hand.

This is the formal version of Shotei...

...The main thing is bending the wrist so that you can use the palm of the hand to strike. 

The Digi Dojo - Shiyobui - Shotei

shotei is very versatile and here's why...

By the way: Shotei is also called Teisho - simply reversing the Kanji.  I was used to Teisho until Sakagami sensei corrected me. At this time, I find Shotei to be more accurate as Tei usually comes last.

A Nunchaku for example.

The bottom is called KonTEI. It seems more reasonable to me that it should be Shotei, structure wise.

the most important thing to make shotei

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shotei basics and application

Shotei uke (doing a defense using the palm of the hand) does not really have a specific movement that characterises itself. It can be found in several kata though. Niseishi, Jitte and Wanshu are examples. Shotei Uke is frequently used as Otoshi Uke, Osae Uke and Yoko Harai Uke. All depends on circumstance.

shotei in kata

The palm of the hand and can be used for attack as well as defence. You can find Shotei in Kata:

  • Osae uke in Seishan
  • Age uke in Jitte and Wanshu
  • Otoshi uke in Jitte and Wanshu
  • Yoko harai uke in Niseishi

morote osae shotei uke


otoshi and age shotei uke


otoshi and age shotei uke

The Digi Dojo - Kata - Wadokai Niseishi -2

use shotei to attack

It's mentioned and demonstrated in the video. Shotei can be used to attack. Using different angles, Shotei can be a Tsuki or Uchi Waza: a thrust or a strike. Shotei is versatile. practical. To get you started, I demonstrate variatons below.

applications of Shotei uke

2 shotei Ippon Kumite

From simple straight forward to more practical. 

practise shotei as defense and offense in one kumite

You learned that Shotei is not strictly to strike. It can be used to defend as well. I specifically designed this Kumite so you can practise Shotei for attack as well as defence in one go.

beginner level ippon kumite

This Kumite is actually in Wado No Michi as a Kaisetsu for Niseishi. Note that we show it on purpose with the opponent suffering Itsuki in the front leg. Not because he attacks in the wrong manner, but because it is supposed to display the result of a proper Shotei Yoko Harai Uke. 

Niseishi Shotei Yoko Harai Uke
Niseishi Gyakyzuki

advanced level ippon kumite

Here's another Kumite that uses Shotei for defense as well as attack. Having said that, the first movement uses typical Wado Taisabaki and executes Shotei as Tsuki - just behind the elbow.



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