what is nekote?

The form of the hand is the same as Hiraken. However, this time the inside of the hand is used to attack.

Nekote literally means cat hand and can be used strike with circular motions. The back of the hand is used to drop on top of attacks.

This can be seen in kata Jitte (pages from Wado No Michi down below).

versatility of nekote

Let's just say it's not limited to one shape...

Nekote in Jitte PAGE1
Nekote in Jitte PAGE2

how to use nekote

Here's the application that I picked for the book "Wado No Michi".

Reason: It's straight forward as it used the shape exactly as you would expect.

There are many applications for Nekote that you wouldn't expect. At least not directly...

The Digi Dojo - Shiyobui - Application of Nekote

use nekote for tehodoki and counter attack the nose using an uncommon technique