Kuma means bear in Japanese. So: Kumate is the bear hand.

The Digi Dojo - Shiyobui - Kumate

The fingertips (or nails) are used to hit or scratch, while ears can be grabbed and ripped off.

Pulling the hair is also common to do when using open hand techniques. Open hand techniques often lead to grabbing actions.

3 ways to use kumate

Although it may be clear for beginners to say this is for this. And that is for that. 

It's counterproductive.

You need to learn the correct form as well as how VERSATILE that can be.

how to use kumate in kumite

kumate ippon kumite

Learning something new works best if you put it in a framework.

This Ippon Kumite is straight forward using Gedan Barai first. Why? So you can focus completely on trapping and Kumate.

kumate can easliy assist your takedown

Ishikawa sensei showed this form of Junte Dori when he was in Romania for a seminar (2004). 

It's clear that this skill should be in your arsenal.