Tobikomizuki has a Specific Principle To Cover Distance

What you need to know about tobikomizuki

Like Nukina sensei once told me, Tobikomizuki is an application even though we practise it as basics. It should therefore be practised as basics which means to pay attention to the smallest details.

Let's start with breaking it down to the meaning, stance and the important points that you should take into account.

Meaning of Tobikomizuki: Tobikomi means to leap forward. Hence, Tobikomizuki is a practical application of junte.

Name of the stance: The final posture is related to junzuki no tsukkomi and could therefore be called junzuki no tsukkomi dachi. Nevertheless, the point is not to take that stance, but to cover distance and close the maai. The stance is merely the result of your body movement.

Important points: Push from your hips and relax your knee. Keep your back straight as you move. Squeeze your elbows and try to disengage the bicep muscle as much as possible. Hence, do not raise your fists and than punch with your arm. Punch slightly from underneath and connect your hip to your chest to your shoulder and finally to your fist to punch with your body.



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