what is sonobazuki

Sonobazuki is the most basic punch there is within Karate. 

This Japanese writing for Sonoba translates into "on the spot". The Kanji 'Ba' itself means place or location. 

You can use several different kind of stances for Sonobazuki. Naihanchi dachi is the standard choice for Wado techniques and internal development.

Of course - other stances can be used. To get the best out of your training, learn the advantages of using each stance.

Sonobazuki Sakagami & Peter May sensei

practise sonobazuki in stages

I would like to share a training method with you, which empasises squeezing the elbow. Have a look at the pictures below, where you can see the transition between the punches clearly. Training-wise, you can actually do the transition, so that you can emphasise squeezing the elbow. I demonstrate this method in the video where I also mention the key points.

Sonobazuki - AJ van Dijk from The Digi Dojo
Sonobazuki - AJ van Dijk from The Digi Dojo

Secrets of sonobazuki

why sonobazuki is the true fundamental

how to shift your focus without losing it

why and when to use the four stances

implement these training methods TODAY to work on your sonobazuki

use your elbow for chokuzuki

When teaching a seminar in 2016 I noticed that many students had the same issue: opening the elbow. To counter that and overwrite that kind of habit I taught this method.

focus on dropping and adding that to your punch

I learned several methods from Nukina sensei back in 2006? This is footage from me practising those methods in my Dojo in 2010.

learn why and how to take advantage of heisoku dachi

Heisoku Dachi is one of those stances that seem to be extremely impractical. It is difficult to imagine how that will help your Karate. This method is one of the ways Heisoku Dachi can be used.