Renrakuwaza from 8th Kyu to 5th Dan

what is renrakuwaza

Renraku Waza, also called Renzoku Waza, are combination techniques. 

You could also say that they are applications of the basics.

Fundamentally speaking, the fact that it is an application means that the core ingredients are already present in basics. You can argue because of that, whether there is a strict necessity to practise Renraku Waza...

...I would argue in favor of the motion.

Renraku Waza teaches you continuous movement which are present in basics, but must be drilled into your body by physical practise.

Here's 3 reasons why you should practise Renrakuwaza too:

  1. Connecting one technique to the other becomes second nature >> your attacks become more effective.
  2. It closes a gap between basics and free fighting >> you learn how to apply your basics
  3. It greatly enhances your understanding of dynamic movement >> it leads to freedom of movement.

I had to learn the hard way about the full meaning of Renraku Waza, after throwing away the chopsticks.

"Hey AJ, what's the purpose of Renraku waza?"

It came out of the blue.

Suddenly Ishikawa Sensei asked me this question... Here's what happened and his answer to his own question.

The difference between ido kihon and renraku waza and how to use that to your advantage

renrakuwaza by syllabus

all 8th kyu renrakuwaza

Learn to combine basic techniques in succession such as Maegeri and Gyakuzuki.

All 7th Kyu Renrakuwaza

Learn to connect techniques more fluidly moving on to Surikomi Sokuto Uraken Gyakuzuki for example.

All 6th Kyu Renrakuwaza

Develop Tsugi Ashi with these specifically designed Renraku Waza.

All 5th Kyu Renrakuwaza

Learn to flow your techniques and control Seichusen with these three Renraku Waza.

All 4th Kyu Renrakuwaza

Test your ability with these high demand combinations.

All 3rd Kyu to 5th dan Renrakuwaza

Finalise your Renraku Waza training with these 3 Renraku Waza from Sakagami Sensei's Syllabus.

all 18 renrakuwaza

Demonstration 1

Explanation 1

It all starts with the basics...

Demonstration 2

Explanation 2

We chose this technique over another because of the dynamic of the movement.

Demonstration 3

Explanation 3

#3 combines and finalises these combinations for 8th Kyu.

Demonstration 4

Explanation 4

Uraken has to be added in between of other techniques.

Demonstration 5

Explanation 5

This combination introduces Sokuto and uses Surikomi Ashi to prepare you for the movement.

Demonstration 6

Explanation 6

This combination is designed to setup the next series. It allows us examinars to see progression in movement as well, hence Yori ashi is introduced and emphasised.

Demonstration 7

Explanation 7

Demonstration 8

Explanation 8

Demonstration 9

Explanation 9

Demonstration 10

Explanation 10

Demonstration 11

Explanation 11

Demonstration 12

Explanation 12

Demonstration 13

Explanation 13

Demonstration 14

Explanation 14

Demonstration 15

Explanation 15

Demonstration 16

Explanation 16

Demonstration 17

Explanation 17

Demonstration 18

Explanation 18


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