Kette Junzuki No Tsukkomi Has One Specific Principle

Kette junzuki no tsukkomi's biggest question is...

Kette Junzuki No Tsukkomi includes a kick and that's where not all sensei are on the same page... And that's why it's the biggest question.

Picture this: After punching, your body leans forward...

...Should your body remain in the leaning position or become upright as you kick?

Some instructors teach to stay that way + kick. Others teach to come upright as you kick.

Which way should you perform Kette Junzuki No Tsukkomi?

Or maybe the question should be:

  • Which way generates more power? 
  • Which way is more beneficial for overall development? 
  • Which way programs your body correctly so the dynamic is useful for other things as well? 

The answer to all three questions is the same >> Become upright as you kick.

Next is WHY, and HOW.

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when you execute Kette junzuki no tsukkomi... do this

Kette Junzuki No Tsukkomi - Wado No Michi - AJ van Dijk1

Take right Junzuki No Tsukkomi.

Kette Junzuki No Tsukkomi - Wado No Michi - AJ van Dijk3

Raise your left knee while keeping your body as straight as possible.

Kette Junzuki No Tsukkomi - Wado No Michi - AJ van Dijk4

Kick with your left foot while keeping your fist in position.

Kette Junzuki No Tsukkomi - Wado No Michi - AJ van Dijk5

Step through and execute left Junzuki No Tsukkomi.

Kette junzuki no tsukkomi instructional videos


key points

how to kick and why

the one specific principle of kette junzuki no tsukkomi


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