Hirate Uke

what is hirate uke?

Hirate uke is another form of harai uke.

Like kake uke, it suggests that a grabbing action could follow easily. Point the fingers down and the thumb forward as if grabbing from the side, not from above or below. Curl the fingers slightly. You should have the feeling as if already taking hold of the opponent. This technique can be used with a stretched or bent arm, close or more far away from the body, so this is an effective form to use in long and close range.

It depends on your body management.

thumb forward and fingers down, right?

Practise Hirate Uke step by step

Want to get the hang of it? Take stance or simply Shizentai and focus on the arm movement only. Trajectory and precision.

The Digi Dojo - Uke Waza - Hirate Uke1
The Digi Dojo - Uke Waza - Hirate Uke2
The Digi Dojo - Uke Waza - Hirate Uke3


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how to apply hirate in kumite?


In Kata, some argue for diagonal from above, others use a more horizontal line...

...but that all doesn't matter.

Don't set the movement in stone unless you want to limit yourself right from the start.

First, you have to take this into account:

  1. Advantages of open hand
  2. Available trajectories
  3. Adjusting distance

If you've been around, you can tell straight away that this calls for numerous applications. 

there's a "secret" in the fingertips

hirate uke "vs" maegeri

use hirate uke to grab the opponent