what is hiraken?

Let's answer that question first:

Hira (平) means flat and Ken (拳) means fist. 

Sometimes it can still be difficult to get a good translation after checking the Kanji, but in this case it is pretty straight forward: Hiraken means flat fist.

And that has benefits:

  • Hiraken fits through small spaces
  • It has the stingy advantages of Nukite
  • And you can use it against bones

Before we dig into applications, let's get the shape right. 

The translation of Hiraken: "flat fist", may put you off track.

  • You may think your wrist must be dead straight
  • You may also think your fingers must be straight

Just like when you're told "step to the left", your attention will go to your leg or foot...

And you don't want that to happen.

In this video you'll not only learn the correct form of Hiraken, but also about YOUR Hiraken. 

what is your hiraken?

I share details about the proximal joint, the angle and even the position of the thumb. Plus, an easy method that gives you instant feedback on YOUR form.

Why I'm emphasing it?

Because everybody's body is different, so the "textbook Hiraken" may hurt you. 

Here's how you find out how to build your Hiraken ⬇️

how to apply hiraken in kumite

I have to admit...

When I first saw it in Ishikawa sensei's book I could only imagine how to use it. 🤔 

Result: Junzuki and Gyakuzuki, with my fist changed into Hiraken.

It's not impossible, but definitely not what I would recommend you...

Not because it won't work, because it probably will. But because you're not tapping into the benefits and characteristics of Hiraken.

The Digi Dojo - Shiyobui - Application of Hiraken

So yes...


Techniques like Hiraken "don't work" from a competition Gyakuzuki type of view...

...But that doesn't mean it's not effective overall.

If you know how to use it, use Hiraken to strike the sides of the neck, the throat and the side of the body below the floating rib.

And like everything else: You need practise. 

You need to understand and ultimately FEEL from what angle and distance you should use it. 

Use this specifically designed Ippon Kumite to get more accustomed to Hiraken👇

Want more? There is more:

Ipponken, haito, shuto, kumate, koken...

it's inside the course "MASTERING SHIYOBUI"

This article and the videos are part of "Mastering Shiyobui", which covers how to turn your hands and feet into weapons — just as you've always imagined when you started Karate.

Just wait until you see the list. Ipponken, Nukite and Hiraken are the normal ones...

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