what is hiraken?

Hiraken is a somewhat old fashion way to strike. You don't see these kinds of techniques being practised too much nowadays. Maybe you never even heard of it. If the latter is the case, I hope you will be just as enthusiastic as myself when I saw this technique for the first time in Ishikawa Sensei's book. Anwyay.. will share the meaning of Hiraken first.

The Digi Dojo - Shiyobui - Hiraken

Hira (平) means flat and Ken (拳) means fist. Sometimes it can still be difficult to get a good translation after checking the Kanji, but in this case it is pretty straight forward. Hiraken means flat fist. As your hand is very versatile, this is one of your options.

what is YOUR hiraken?

In this video you'll not only learn the correct form of Hiraken, but also about YOUR Hiraken. 

I share details about the proximal joint, the angle and even the position of the thumb. PLUS an easy method that gives you instant feedback on YOUR form.

how to apply hiraken in kumite?

Hiraken is a Shuto with the wrist kept straight, the fingers forcefully bend and the thumb on the side of the hand. The middle (proximal) joints of the fingers are used to strike. Hiraken is excellent to strike the sides of the neck, the throat and the side of the body below the floating rib.

There are other points to strike, that you should study carefully yourself.  

The Digi Dojo - Shiyobui - Application of Hiraken

practise this specifically designed ippon kumite to get more accustomed to hiraken

Techniques like Hiraken "don't work" from a competition gyakuzuki type of view. You need to understand and ultimately feel from what angle and distance you should use it.