Dynamics of Karate Kickings Techniques

what is the most fundamental kicking technique?

It is Maegeri or Mawashigeri. Sokuto or Ushirogeri? 

Originally, Ishikawa sensei's syllbus had you show Maegeri and Sokuto first. Then Mawashigeri. 


Sokuto is more difficult for sure. But perhaps more 'traditional' than Mawashigeri.

Truth is I never asked him the question personally, so all I can do is analyse with the data I have.

In our current syllabus, it's Maegeri and Mawashigeri first. I'll explain it all in detail in the video >>

dynamics or karate kicking techniques


hinge movement

Your knee joint is designed to do one kind of movement. It is a hinge joint, which allows the bending and streching of your lower leg. This has two different applications.

One application is a hinge movement. If your hip and knee are virtually stationary as you kick, your lower leg can do the motion. This dynamic can be compared to Uchi waza such as Uraken.

Kicking techniques that belong to this category are:

  • Maegeri
  • Kingeri
  • Sunegeri
  • Tsumasakigeri
  • Mawashigeri
  • Soto Mawashigeri
  • Urawashigeri
  • Ushiro Mawashigeri
  • Otoshi Mawashigeri

thrust movement

Although your knee joint can only do one kind of movement, there are more than one applications possible.

The moment that you also use your hipjoint as you kick, you can create a different kind movement. Even though your knee joint can only make one kind of movement, the dynamic can change if you use the hip and knee joint and move them as you kick instead of keeping them stationary. The dynamic that arises is a thrusting motion. This dynamic can be compared to Tsuki waza such as Junzuki and Gyakuzuki.

Kicking techniques that belong to this category are:

  • Sokuto fumikomi
  • Sokuto kekomi
  • Ushirogeri
  • Maegeri kekomi