How to make a fist properly

here's how to make a fist

"How to make a fist" sounds like making the shape, right?

The shape does not tell you anything about the quality and content though...

And making a fist? That's easy.

But a proper fist... That requires training.

First, two elements of a proper fist:

  1. Form.
  2. Alignment.

Third would be conditioning.

Conditioning refers to hardening the fists. Just hardening will make your knuckles harder, skin tougher and fist stronger.

BUT a punch is not done with the fist. The fist is just the contact point.

Learn how to use your body to create speed and power, and use your fist to transfer that into the opponent.

This basic type of fist is called "Seiken", palm facing down.

There are 3 types which I explain down below 👇

Here's one method to make a fist including exercises you need to make a PROPER fist— not the shape alone

>> New video with "3 Ways To Make A Fist" down below 👊

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seiken, tateken and urazuki

All 3 are Seiken: The correct fist or proper way to make a fist.

正 = Sei = Correct or the right way
拳 = Ken = Fist

For clarity though, different names are used depening on the direction your palm faces.

4 things up next:

  1. Video: 3 ways to make a fist
  2. Images: Seiken, Tateken and Urazuki
  3. Explanation of "the correct way"
  4. Video: Ippon Kumite to practise all ways

3 ways to make a fist

>> The old video contains many exercises (scroll back up)


It's called Seiken when your palm faces down. This is the most common and basic punch.



Tateken is the same shape as Seiken, with the palm facing inside. 

Tate means vertical or 'standing up'— so standing fist. Vertical fist.


Seiken and Tateken

Do you know Niseishi? 

Kaisetsu of the first movement of that kata is excellent to practise as ippon kumite. And by adjusting the movement, you can add specific dynamics and change seiken into tateken.

Good to practise as a student— good for teaching as an instructor.

Meotode Soto Uke to urazuki

what is the correct way?

The correct way means that you make your fist in such a way, that if you strike it will result in no or minimum damage of yourself and that you can transfer the most of your power.

The condition for making a correct fist is not just the shape of the fist. On the contrary, you can see the shape as a shell. If the shell is empty and any contents are absent you cannot call it a correct fist.

A correct fist contains therefore at least the following two conditions:

  • The proper shape of the fist
  • The alignment of the fist up until the shoulder. 

I show you step by step how to make a correct fist and in the video I will address the proper alignment which should run up to the shoulder—all the way throughout the body.

Additionally, I share several trainingmethods that can help you develop a correct fist.

Urazuki (1)

The 'last' one is Urazuki, palm facing up. 

urazuki (2)

Or with the palm facing yourself when you strike upwards.

PS: For those who are in the possession of the translation of Ohtsuka sensei's book.. It says "Righteousness of the fist". Sei can indeed be translated as righteousness, but is quite unusual as this is normally used to describe behaviour of people.

Correct, proper or right way is a better translation.

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