How to use a bag to improve your karate techniques

the good and the bad of bag training

There's good and bag in anything. Bag training included.

Yes. It can give you good feeedback. And yes, it can improve your stamina depending on the way you practise. Let us be reminded though about the purpose of using any kind of equipment. 

It's to get your Karate to the next level.

This means that we have to use our brain and use it to our benefit. 

You can go all out on a bag - but please... only do that if you want to blow off some steam. It is NOT going to help your skill level mature. 

Various Bag Training Techniques At Summercamp 2010

Learn how to practise Gyakuzuki, Uraken and Maegeri with a bag WITHOUT screwing up your techniques.

how to do maegeri without changing maegeri

how to hold the bag for maegeri

how to do maegeri on a bag

improve your front hand power with this exercise

develop tsuki with noru

gyakuzuki and mawashigeri

how to do gyakuzuki on a bag

mind this when you do mawashigeri on a bag

practise gyakuzuki and mawashigeri in combination in this manner