gedan barai

Basic execution of Gedan Barai

Prepare the arm in front of the chest with the palm facing upwards. When executing gedan barai, incorporate a sharp twist in the wrist and move the elbow sufficiently. Close the fist for basic practice. Later on you can experiment otherwise. In gedan (or chudan) barai the outside of the arm is used to push, parry or deflect an attack. The actual basic gedan barai is like jodan uke not impossible to be used, but such techniques are likely to transform according to the situation. Both are the most basic methods to understand the principles of movement. 

Keypoints of Mawatte Gedan barai

Mawatte Gedan barai has two important components, which should be connected to each other.

First there is the turning of the body, with the body. Don't think of stepping with your foot, but about  turning your body. Also, make sure it is one movement. 

Execute Gedan barai as you turn your body. Make sure to do Gedan barai in a smooth -that means one- movement. Keypoints of Gedan barai are using the elbow (pull your elbow) and the twist of the wrist.

Since Gedan barai and your body move approximately at the same time, you can use the build up energy of your body movement to make Gedan barai more effective.

I will explain and show the above mentioned more thoroughly in the video.

Application of Gedan Barai

Note: Practice correcting the distance after Gedan Barai or practise to execute Mawashigeri from short range. Free advice: Try to use the ball of the foot...