Wanshu Kata emphasises 3 specific techniques

Wanshu Videoseries

nukina sensei 2006

Wanshu was one of the Kata that Ishikawa sensei couldn't manage anymore due to illness at the time of shooting his DVD. That's why he asked Nukina sensei to come over and demonstrate Wanshu.

Seminar footage 2013

When Wadokai Holland Events officially started, I did seminars specifically on one Kata. This video contains footage from my seminar in 2013 and contains Key Points as well as Kata applications.

Full walkthrough

One of the Pro users requested me to shoot a Walkthrough of Wanshu.

It includes key points specific to this Kata that you need to know to perform it properly.

“Thanks for that, just the level of detail I was looking for” is what he said after watching the video. 

Is wanshu with or without maegeri?

Ishikawa sensei got that question during one of his seminars which I got on video.

neko damashi application

Neko what? Neko Damashi. It's how you can use the circular distracting movement for combat. The principle that is...