Seishan Kata is an application of Naihanchi

Demonstrations of seishan

Although all Kata should be performed with a correct centre line i.e. Seichusen, Seishan is the fundamental practice of Seichusen application. Seichusen is moved in several directions with internal rotation. It's dropped vertically along with opening and closing of the body and leaning lines are used.

All in all, Seishan is a variation of and towards practical use of Naihanchi.

The Digi Dojo - Seishan Kake Uke

performance 2015

performance 2012

When Nukina sensei visited my Dojo I demonstrated my Seishan to him. I don't remember why, but I did. When I finished he said: "AJ, your Seishan is very good". Looking back I have a thing or two to say about it, but it still serves as a good example. 

demonstration 2007

One year before Ishikawa sensei passed away, we did a demonstration in Kavarna, Bulgaria. This is the footage from Seishan.


It's a bit funny as half of Seishan is slow to begin with. This recording is from a different angle than the performances and therefore worth to watch if you're looking for certain details.

explanations and key points of seishan

The Digi Dojo - Seishan Morote Uke
The Digi Dojo - Seishan Uraken


the first movement of seishan

This particular movement cannot be explained nor emphasised enough. Once you figure out and FEEL how this one works, you have to start all over. Back to Junzuki and Pinan Nidan... Upgrading your skill from the ground up with the key that you learn from this movement.

Hiji Uke to Morote Gedan Hitosashiyubi Ipponken

Pay close attention to the dynamic of the elbow in combination with how gravity is used.

mawatte with chidori ashi and kake uke

This is where it all comes together. Centre line control, axis stability, advanced hip and elbow control. You name it - it's all there.

furiken to tate uraken

This characteristic movement from Seishan is often done by hand and foot movement instead of body movement. The key in this case is to mind the trajectory of your hand and foot while using your body to initiate the movement.

video chat #1

Details on Gyakuzuki after Mikazukigeri.



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