Pinan Nidan is not as easy as you think…

pinan nidan is junte

Often referred to as the easiest of the Pinan, it is one of the hardest to do. The movements are so clean, so basic, so fundamental, that there is nowhere to hide from that what you should be working on.

“Easy To Learn, Hard To Master”

One of my students can pronounce this sentence masterfully and thats why I hear this quite often in my Dojo. I obviously chose this title as it matches Pinan Nidan 100%. It is quite striking that especially kids say "Sensei, I know this Kata". In fact they mean that they have an idea of the direction and the pattern. This shows exactly how people think about Kata. A student that has more experience understands that the stances and the directios are only the early beginning of Kata.

The form of Pinan Nidan is quite simple, the stances look easy and in the beginning the techniques cannot be called complex either. For beginners it is therefore very easy to learn. For the more experienced Karateka, Pinan Nidan is one of the biggest challenges. The techniques and the movement of this Kata are extremely fundamental and large movements. It is therefore virtually impossible to hide your flaws.

The Digi Dojo - Pinan Nidan Otoshi Uke Ishikawa Sensei
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demonstrations of pinan nidan


I often explain about rhythm. This Kata is no different apart from the fact that is quite monotone. Watch how here and learn why by studying my review on Andy's Pinan Nidan.


Pinan Nidan Kata and application

pinan nidan instructional videos


The walkthrough contains specific aspects of the movement that you can apply right away to improve your performance of Pinan Nidan.

how and why to use neko ashi dachi

At first you ask "WHAT is the stance". After that, you may ask HOW to take the stance and finally WHY to use it. You'll learn all three in this video. 

dropping is not the only way to get power

For years I have been holding myself back from real progress, focussing on stance and foot movement. This particular movement from Pinan Nidan has two important messages: Increase distance and creating power in a manner different from your regular hiptwist. 

PS: Don't lift your heel...

details of nukite

Wado is the only style using Nukite instead of Shuto. This makes this movement Wado specific as designed by Ohtsuka sensei.

how to stay shomen

It easy to say that you have to be facing forward with your body while your technique is executed to the left. How to do that is much harder and that's why I share the method that works best in this video.

how to move your body for nukite

Did you know the 'stance' before Nukite is NOT Neko Ashi Dachi? It's a transition.. Here's how to move smoothly using your body WITHOUT taking stance.

training method for nukite

Stop repeating your Kata. If you want to work on the four Nukite, use this method. Do it say 10 to 20 times and then repeat the full Kata.

review of andy's pinan nidan

The next 12 minutes will be just as valuable for you as it was for Andy...

applications of pinan nidan

Otoshi Uke



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