Naihanchi is Wado’s Key Kata To Advanced Skill

naihanchi is tanren gata

Naihanchi is what we call “Tanren Gata”. Tanren means to practise or to forge. Especially “to forge” speaks volumes about how to practise and the purpose of that practise. Although at first glance the techniques are not so complicated, they contain the fundamental skills necessary to achieve quality of movement.

Naihanchi is a tool to learn how to use your body. Not simply by intellectually knowing how to use your body, but learn in the sense that your body becomes programmed to move in a certain manner. This ‘certain manner’ is Karate.



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naihanchi instructional videos




Like any other Kata, Naihanchi has do's and don'ts. Practise along with me and learn what to pay attention to as you perform the techniques. 

key point #1

This video is about the first movement and sequence and contains 'rules' that apply the the whole Kata.

key point #2

Naihanchi is a Kata with a lot of fine print - and this is one of them. 

key point #3

Nami Gaeshi is often explained as a foot sweep or defence against a foot sweep. The fundamental concept that I explain in this video however... It has nothing to do with that.

my naihanchi history

in the dojo 2006

This was in Hillegersberg where Ishikawa sensei taught at the time. Had the camera with me as we were doing test shots for the DVD.

You can even hear him talk in the background about Kushanku.

teaching at summer camp 2011

During this camp I covered Naihanchi together with Nukina sensei. We highlighted the use of back muscles, what and how to move and what to emphasise. This video contains especially the first movement (use of elbow), Urazuki and Morotezuki.