Wadokai Kata Bassai

bassai seminars and performances

from ishikawa sensei's DVD

Additional Kata such as Bassai have plenty of variations - even among Wadokai Instructors. His version comes pretty close. The footage is complemented with views from other angles and Kata Kaisetsu.

Bassai Seminar footage from 2013

When Wadokai Holland Events officially started, I did seminars specifically on one Kata. This video contains footage from my seminar in 2013 and contains Key Points as well as Kata applications.

walkthrough videos


The walkthrough of Bassai is on the roadmap to be recorded first together with the other additional Kata. Sit tight!

pro walkthrough

Here's the orginal video that's packed with details on how to perform. I'll walk you through Bassai step by step using the eBook version of Wado No Michi.

Pro's - you do want to check at least the extended version too as I address other things than in this walkthrough.

Sequencing bassai

Sequencing sMALL

Learn what sequencing is to learn Kata faster and reduce the amount of details that you need to know. Bassai contains 9 sequences that each have their specific aspects to be mindful of.  I couldn't make it shorter than 12 minutes.

I'll walk you through Bassai's sequences step by step using the eBook version of Wado No Michi.

sequencing EXTENDED

This is the first sequencing video on Bassai, where I add more details on individual movements as well - hence the 18 minutes.

video review and chat that uncover loads of keys to perform bassai better

video review 2

Right after I sent out the mail about the next reviews, Neil sent me his Bassai. This review is unique in the sense that Neil's Bassai has features from Mr. Suzuki's version as well as some 'never seen before' variations. 

video chat 2

As Neil and myself started talking about Bassai we totally lost track of time. The total of 59 minutes we talked about how to use the body, what key points are all about and how they affect your progress instantly. He even managed to tweak his technique on the spot with one single comment that I made.