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Discover the Secret Stretching Technique that gives you Gaines In No-Time without pain, risky methods or years of practise (that still seem to have little effect)

kick higher and more easily just by gaining momentum in 30 days >> then switch to maintanance-mode (it doesn't get easier than this)
it's free— and you're getting support throughout the challenge

Can you believe I got these tremendous gaines in just a few weeks...?

The specific method I studied to get there is what I now teach my students— it’s how we finalise every class (takes only 10 minutes).

The last part is a bit more challenging for me, but I admit my focus is not 100% on stretching anymore.

Not as much as when I took on the challenge that got me there. REALLY FAST >>

Here's what happended...

I saw an ad on FaceBook about a book saying "splits in 30 days". Yeah right.

...I thought it must be a sleezy sales trick from Alex (the author). A straight-up lie.

But then I read the comments on his ad...

  • Pictures of people that made it
  • And from others who almost made it
  • And comments from those who got surprisingly big gaines in just one week...


Was I sceptical? Absolutely. 

But that changed instantly when I got the book...

It was SO COMPELLING. Logic.

The technical method Alex laid out was truly obvious leaving me like: "how could I have missed that?"

Sometimes though, stuff like that is too good to be true... After all, I've been training for a long time and never saw ANY gaines in my flexibility. No big ones anway.

So I figured to do a test first...

You know, just see what happens if I apply the technique?

And I almost couldn't believe it...


Result: I'm pretty much addicted to this method of stretching now, haha. 

In case you don't take my word for it, here's a quick video of my very first try... (wait for it).

If only I started earlier...

So what's my point... Why am I sharing this?

You can enjoy big flexibility gaines in just a few weeks too— no matter your starting point.

And: You don't have to be fixed on the split

It's about flexibility and health. Smoother movement and deeper understanding of how the body works.

The book "Hyperbolic Stretching" explains it all in detail and tells you what to do. Exercises, sets, reps.

But there are 3 important things missing...

(and that's what The Digi Dojo 30-Day Split Challenge is all about👇)

1: Day-to-day challenge so you won't slack, nor quit >> so you're not left in the dark and on your own. You'll get mail everyday to give you that kick in the butt you need to do your workout + access to a new video. Everyday.

2: Personal Guidance that keeps you on track >> because everybody runs into unique practical issues that the book doesn't cover. Simply drop a comment to share your progress or ask a question about stuff you're facing.

3: Knowledge from the field through 40+ videos that I shot as I went through the challenge >> Learn from a non-naturally-flexible person (me) that understands your struggles as I faced them myself.

I followed the program, have deep training knowledge and FULLY IMMERSED myself into stretching— way beyond Alex' book.

Plus: I'm supported by my chiropractor. My mentor.

Someone asked me why I did the program 👇

Throughout the challenge I share how I practised. What I focused on.

What I had to tweak and why... (and how YOU can tweak too to match your own personal situation).

The free videos are all practical training stuff that you can access for free when you join the 30-Day Split Challenge.

But I won't charge you... 

All you have to do is get Alex' book on Hyperbolic Stretching through my link >> this link ( I do get some commission so I can keep the site running)

Get access to the 30-day split challenge fOR FREE when you purchase "Hyperbolic Stretching" from the author, alex, who has been mentoring me through this program.

After you get it...

mail me at, attach your receipt and I'll unlock your access.

Can't wait to see you on the inside! 👊

- AJ

mats already did the challenge and here's what he said

Mats Vindefjärd 

1Kyu // sweden

’Sceptical’ doesn’t even begin to describe my immediate reaction when I first heard about the Hyperbolic Stretching methodology...

“Splits in 30 days”, “Works for everyone” etc. Yeah, right.

So I let the whole thing gently leave my mind. Then, fast forward a month or two, and the HS ad popped up again. Immediately I see a praising comment from AJ...

What? Is this for real after all?

Long story short: This program DOES work, even for a stiff 50 year old like myself with highly rigid hip joints...

‘Work’ insofar that I very quickly noticed clear improvements even though my dedication to the program has been very far from optimal. But I no longer doubt that, with dedication, the splits are very much achievable. (And I used to think they belonged firmly in the fiction section...) 

Then, having AJ as a personal helper, transforming fundamentals and unknowns into nice bite sized and readily understandable chunks, explaining how to best make use of the program, how to adjust, how to modify and simply acting as an inspiration is a BIG bonus and mental booster!

Even if I never get around to perform the splits, I'm more than happy already with how I have improved.

Highly recommended!

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