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Discover this hyper-effective Stretching Technique that gives you Gains In No-Time without pain, risky methods or years of practise (that still seem to have little effect)


what do you get from The 30-Day Split Challenge?

  • 1 kick-in-the-butt email + video with invaluable training insight EVERY DAY, to make sure you won't give up and walk away with MUCH more than more flexibility!
  • You'll be able to do the splits after just 16 training sessions, and if you don't make it: you'll see HUGE gains in flexibility and mobility.
  • You'll lift your leg as if it's light as a feather — kick higher or just as high more easily.
  • You'll know how to melt away discomforts in your hip — in ANY stance.
  • You'll discover how to feel (and fix) your techniques through increased body-awareness. (You'll start to notice when muscles work AGAINST you involuntarily - and then shut them down)
  • In the long run, you'll have a scientifically-proven method at your disposal to counter "the sitting problem" that we all face: glued to our chairs too many hours per day...

Can you believe i got these gains in just a few weeks...?

The specific method I studied to almost get there is what I now teach my students— it’s how we finalise every class (takes only 5-10 minutes).

When I took on the challenge I got there fast. REALLY FAST >>

Here's what happened...

I saw an ad on FaceBook about a book saying "splits in 30 days".

Yeah right.

...I thought it must be a sleezy sales trick from Alex (the author). A straight-up lie.

But then I read the comments on his ad...

  • Pictures of people that made it
  • And from others who almost made it
  • And comments from those who got surprisingly big gains in a really short time 👇

i had to get the program even though i was still sceptical... will it work for me?

That changed instantly when I got the book.

It was SO COMPELLING. Logic.

The technical method Alex laid out was truly obvious leaving me like: "how could I have missed that?"

Sometimes though, stuff like that is too good to be true... After all, I've been training for a long time and never saw ANY gains in my flexibility. No big ones anway.

So I figured to do a test first...

You know, just see what happens if I apply the technique?

And I almost couldn't believe it...



Here's a quick video of my very first try... (wait for it).

imagine the result — if only i had known about this hyper-effective stretching technique years ago...

I can't turn back time, But what I can do is let YOU in on this method so you can start using it right away.

As they say... better late than never.

That's why I now teach it in my Dojo at the end of class.

Those 5-minute class finalisers have already shown great results.

So whether you want to go all-out or learn the technique to gradually see results next season:

Get the book on Hyperbolic Stretching!

and by the way  — it works to improve your techniques too!
What will these 10 seconds do for the smoothness of your junzuki?

Hyperbolic stretching explains it all in great detail!

Inside Hyperbolic Stretching you'll find:

  • PDF Manual + instructional videos
  • Scientific breakdown of how muscles work and proof of HS-method
  • How you can override built-in subconcious reactions of your muscle so you can stretch fast in a safe way
  • Technical execution + sets & reps
  • Maintenance routine
  • BONUS: Full Body Flexibility book + Mind Power Unleashed + 8-Minute Workout
  • And much more...

BUT: there are 3 important things missing...

and that's what The Digi Dojo 30-Day Split Challenge is all about👇


Day-To-Day Challenge

The book says do this for 30 days. Join this challenge so you're not left in the dark and on your own. You get a daily kick-in-the-butt!


Invaluable Training Tips

Learn from a non-flexible person (me) that saw gains and understands your struggles. You get a short video containing invaluable training tips every day.


Tailored Solutions And Workarounds

Everybody runs into stuff that's not in the book. Or it doesn't work well. Through "The Preparation Series" you'll find out EXACTLY how you can make it work for YOU.

when you get "hyperbolic stretching" you'll get all that inside the challenge — for FREE!

I followed the program, have deep training knowledge and FULLY IMMERSED myself into stretching— way beyond Alex' book.

Plus: I'm supported by my chiropractor. My mentor.

Someone asked me why I did the program 👇

Throughout the challenge I share how I practised. What I focused on.

What I had to tweak and why.

And: How YOU can tweak too to match your own personal situation.

The free videos are all practical training stuff that you can access for FREE when you join the 30-Day Split Challenge.

I shared practical training stuff with Mats during a private conversation, and here's what he said:

And I will. soon...


I'm doing the challenge, AGAIN. 

This time: FRONT SPLIT. Starting 1 July 2020...

After my Front Split Challenge, I'm DRASTICALLY upgrading this challenge into a full-fledged course, packed with at the very least:

  • RAPID Side Split Protocol
  • RAPID Front Split Protocol
  • MAINTENANCE Split Protocol
  • Variations for non-flexible Karateka
  • Dynamic Stretching Protocol
  • Kicking Preparations — Do these exercises BEFORE and as you practise your kicks
  • Elite Hacks and subtle "tweaks" that Guru's don't tell you about (for example: they're not inside "Hyperbolic Stretching")
  • Hip mobility exercises
  • Foam Rolling exercises
  • Movement-Inhibitor Melt-Away techniques

And everything else I can think of that'll help YOU to either MAINTAIN or INCREASE your flexibility.

So when you get Hyperbolic Stretching for just $27 right now (regular price $199), you'll not only get access to The 30-Day Split Challenge for FREE as a bonus...'ll also get access to the FULL-FLEDGED COURSE when it's ready, for FREE.



Get "Hyperbolic Stretching" And Join The 30-Day Split Challenge To Melt Away That Stiffness Once And For All In Record-Time — Or Simply To Reach Your Absolute Peak


  1. Get "Hyperbolic Stretching" from Alex through my link for $199 just $27  
    (You get the book + videos about the stretching technique, exercises and program, I get some commission)
  2. As soon as you get it, mail me at and send your receipt.
  3. I'll grant you access to The 30-Day Split Challenge for FREE.

And if you get it before 31 July 2020, your account will be upgraded to the Full-Fledged Course for free too — as soon as it's ready.

I'm starting my preparation phase 1 July, and actual training at 6 July 2020. It would be amazing if you join me!

— AJ

PS: You can start at any point in time with Hyperbolic Stretching.

And there's more!


Join before time's up to get Pro Support throughout the whole challenge. This includes:

✅ Ability to ask questions you run into 

✅ Video feedback if text alone isn't sufficient

✅ Free access to Live Webinars with Q&A's and weekly round-ups

mats already did the challenge and here's what he said

Mats Vindefjärd 

1Kyu // sweden

’Sceptical’ doesn’t even begin to describe my immediate reaction when I first heard about the Hyperbolic Stretching methodology...

“Splits in 30 days”, “Works for everyone” etc. Yeah, right.

So I let the whole thing gently leave my mind. Then, fast forward a month or two, and the HS ad popped up again. Immediately I see a praising comment from AJ...

What? Is this for real after all?

Long story short: This program DOES work, even for a stiff 50 year old like myself with highly rigid hip joints...

‘Work’ insofar that I very quickly noticed clear improvements even though my dedication to the program has been very far from optimal. But I no longer doubt that, with dedication, the splits are very much achievable. (And I used to think they belonged firmly in the fiction section...) 

Then, having AJ as a personal helper, transforming fundamentals and unknowns into nice bite sized and readily understandable chunks, explaining how to best make use of the program, how to adjust, how to modify and simply acting as an inspiration is a BIG bonus and mental booster!

Even if I never get around to perform the splits, I'm more than happy already with how I have improved.

Highly recommended!

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