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Pinan Sandan — Applications of Nukite

In the book Kata Applications and Analysis I usually connect the techniques to the applications, but you have to realise that this is also done for publishing purposes.

You should be able to apply each technique independently. 

The first movement for example is telling me that you need to turn your wrist, use your body weight and turn your body in harmony in order to break free from the hold of the opponent or at least gain the advantage.

It's not necessarily bad if the opponent is still holding you, in fact, this can sometimes give you more leverage over your opponent. 

When I am training and studying applications I am using these concepts and not necessarily the exact Kata movement.

As you can see in Junte Dori, I am turning my wrist and using my body by shifting my weight and rotating to the left to break free and gain advantage. Although it is a different movement it is still working with the concepts from the Kata movement.

junte dori

shiho nage

APPLICATION Junte Dori To Shiho Nage

ushiro sode dori

you can do it while walking too... (wait for it)

ushiro eri dori

ushiro eri dori

ushiro eri dori uchi zeme