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Pinan Sandan — Applications of Hiji Uke

Being one of the key points of Pinan Sandan, it's a technique well worth exploring from several different angles.

As you know, in Wado, Kata is used to learn how to use your body. It's not necessary to do applications based on the hand movements and techniques, but in general that is the standard approach.

The first level of application is Kaisetsu that can be used for training, but it's purpose is closer to demonstration. Showing the beginner students how a movement could be used as close to the Kata as possible. 

Note that it is ALWAYS about the principle of movement and the understanding and application of your body movement. You can relate a completely different technique to Pinan Sandan, even if it does not look remotely like it.

Having said that, you'll be able to see Hiji Uke in these Ohyo ⬇️

sakagami sensei

kaisetsu and ippon kumite

tehodoki (ushiro ryote dori)

uchi harai uke

from "ultimate uke waza"

uchi harai to zudori

attack his joint

mune dori

hiji uke for close range