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Naihanchi — Seminar Footage

details and trainingmethods for naihanchi

naihanchi walkthrough

I recorded a full 20 minute follow-along session where I taught how to build that roundness and connectedness in your Internal Stances using specialised never-seen-before Naihanchi Resistance Training.

internal stance training

This quick 1-minute video should not be underestimated. As we were practising a Bo Kata in the Dojo, I noticed my students desperately need this method. Listen carefully for the IMAGE that you need to have in your brain. Think of your knee like a...

drilling nami gaeshi

This was in Hillegersberg where Ishikawa sensei taught at the time. Had the camera with me as we were doing test shots for the DVD.

You can even hear him talk in the background about Kushanku.

my naihanchi 2006

During this camp I covered Naihanchi together with Nukina sensei. We highlighted the use of back muscles, what and how to move and what to emphasise. This video contains especially the first movement (use of elbow), Urazuki and Morotezuki.

summercamp 2011 with nukina sensei