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Why did you purchase the product/came to the seminar/checked AJ's videos/teachings? (or: what were you hoping to learn that you didn't know now or want to improve?)
What is the biggest takeaway/eye-opener you got from the product/AJ's teaching?
How does the knowledge your learned from AJ affect your training/teaching and skill?
How and in what way did the content meet or exceed your expectations?
Why would you recommend other Karateka like you to study AJ's content?
Imagine that someone wants to purchase a book, video or join a seminar. But they are not sure. What would you say to convince them?
WHICH PRODUCT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? (What did you purchase or how do you know AJ's work?)
What is the biggest difference between AJ's work and other publications etc you have seen on Wado? And in what way does that help you more?

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