Enjoy the depth-and-variety combo of Wado Karate and Yoseikan Aiki-Jujutsu kumite with Sakagami, edgar and AJ sensei


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You missed out!

5 hours non-stop kumite

Don't worry: we're not making you free fight like a 20 year old. We're talking traditional pairwork like...

  • Kihon Kumite
  • Kumite Gata
  • Tanto Dori
  • Idori
  • Te, Ashi, Tai & Tobu Waza
  • Goshin Jutsu

...including variations and takeovers — so you know how to counter them too.

Whether you're looking to perfect official forms, deepen your understanding of mechanics or execute techniques and make them work even if your opponent resists: It's gonna be awesome 👊


Budo Academy Physical — BAPEDE
Vening Meineszstraat 3G
6717AJ Ede, 


Saturday 23 September 2023: 11.30 - 16.30 hrs

👉 Including a small lunch break (please bring your own).


This seminar is conducted in English. We record the instruction, and you can get lifetime access.

🎁 FREE GIFT (scroll down to find out)




Simply enjoy the knowledge and skill of Sakagami sensei, one of the last remaining Japanse instructors that received personal instruction from Ohtsuka sensei.

FREE DOWNLOAD:  "Last of the Titans"
— Sakagami's journey from Japan to the UK

  • Student of Suzuki & Ohtsuka sensei
  • Founder of Aiwakai (WAKF)
  • 1st Kyu Examinar for JKF-Wadokai
  • 1st Kyu Instructor for JKF-Wadokai
  • Technical Advisor for FEW Federation European Wadokai

edgar KRUYNING — 8th Dan

Apart from his deep understanding and excuisite control and quality movement, he's well known for his sharp eyes when it comes to your movement. He quickly sees what you need to work on to get to the next level.

Watch Edgar's variation of Tobu Nage, which he modified perfectly to stay in line with Karate techniques taught by Gertjan and AJ.

  • Student of Mochizuki and Sugino sensei
  • Founder of Budo Academy Physical
  • Technical Director Yoseikan Aikido
  • Examiner Aikido, Jujutsu, Kobudo and Yoseikan
  • "Judo teachers course for pro athletes" instructor at Dutch Judo Federation (JBN)
  • Author of The Dynamic Budo series and The Art Of Jujutsu.


AJ is well known for his "brutally clear explanations" and "putting hard concepts in simple words". His fundamental understanding of principles and biomechanics lead to out-of-the-box applications — stuff you never thought about.

Here's AJ setting the baseline for Kumite Gata training at Budo Masters 1.

  • Student of Ishikawa, Sakagami, Yokoyama & Kruyning sensei
  • Founder of The Digi Dojo
  • General Secretary FEW 2012-2022
  • Chief Instructor Wadokai Holland
  • Chief Instructor Kenshinkai Kobudo Europe
  • Author of "Wado No Michi" and "Wadokai Karate Special"

why you don't want to miss this...



Vanilla tastes ok and it never let's you down. But that remarkably exquisite taste? Forget it. Not if you always play safe.

You know the guys that believe their style is the best. And to be precise: the organisation within their style that they happen to be in...

And did I mention they go all-in on the standardised way?

Not our cup of tea:

We study and research, with our style as our fundament and backbone — not as borders. That's why we look above and beyond to keep progressing.

Not only to dig deeper, but to widen our horizons too.


How does a wide variety with fundamental principles sound?

With fundamentals, you'll GET IT: no more headaches when instructor A does it this way, and B that way. All you'll see is principles being applied. You can execute your pairwork properly, even when your opponent "attacks you wrong". Or when he resists.

You discover intricate details of Traditional Pairwork from Yoseikan & Wado at Budo Masters #3 🚀 

kote NAGE DORI for example...

Not only do you learn how to execute Kote Nage Dori and the wrist throw correctly...

...you also discover how to adjust if your opponent has a change of plans. 

Plus: how do you apply Kote Gaeshi when someone takes hold of you? After Budo Masters #3 you can SHOW answers like that — easily.

You walk away with a plethora of techniques and deep understanding. Plus: a precious memory of an intriguing and fun seminar too 👌

why we think budo masters #3 is gonna be absolutely awesome?


Wado is Jujutsu, and yoseikan has karate but...

Granted. There's loads of overlap when it comes to unbalancing the opponent, setups, positioning. Yoseikan practises Karate techniques and Wado's official paired Kata includes quite a number of Jujutsu.

This one for example, from Hiki Tate Dori 👇

The truth is: Ishikawa sensei teamed up with a top Jujutsu instructor. They trained together to exchange techniques.

Ishikawa taught him better punching and kicking, while he learned sophisticated and intricate details you likely only know if you're practising these techniques like we repeat Junzuki.

This resulted in Ishikawa sensei knowing a number of variations on the techniques. It's why he could deal with a taller opponent, or one with animal-like strength.


❌ You can figure stuff out by yourself.

❌ You can go on Youtube and copy-paste what you see...

...or learn it directly from instructors with clear lineages to the founders:

✅  Ohtsuka >> Sakagami

✅ Ueshiba >> Mochizuki >> Edgar

✅ Ohtsuka >> Sakagami / Ishikawa >> AJ

Discover exquisite knowledge and skills that would take you ages to find out by yourself...

here's what people say about our seminars

—every single time

Fabio Luisa 1st Kyū, Italy

Informational, awakening and highly motivating

AJ and Sakagami sensei’s teaching is really involving, encouraging you to ask questions and the atmosphere is really nice.

Both instructors are extremely competent and skilled. They give clear explanations and plenty of valuable insights, providing me with the tools to improve.

I’m excited to share what I learned with my Sensei and Kohai and because of this seminar, I set my goals higher.

From now on for example, I'm working on the shoulder blade movement and the awareness of Seichusen following the advices and methods taught by AJ.

Chris Whittam 4th Dan

I take away specific tasks that I now include in my practice

It is clear AJ knows what he is talking about!

I was highly impressed with the technical content of both the techniques and his way of teaching. AJ guides and explaines in general as well as on a personal level - looking specifically for what I need.

That allows me to focus on how and what to move so that I can work on my own abilities.

His seminars give me loads of ideas and suggestions and I take away specific tasks that I now include in my practice.

All in all I have to say that AJ’s seminar is time well spent.

Andreas Boger Wadokai Germany

I want to join again

I really liked you don’t just do techniques on AJ sensei’s count and get general phrases like “better your hip movement” or so (which I see at other seminars).

AJ teaches key points, watches your techniques and then he advances on those key points interactive.

I would like to join again a seminar with AJ and his crew, not only for the results, but also to just talk again with all of them. They didn´t play a role, they were authentic.

Maarten Wadokai Holland

their teaching was harmonised so we could connect the dots instead of getting confused

I’ve been training with AJ sensei for a few years now, so I’ve seen my fair share of instructors. Budo Masters stood out as well prepared and thoroughly executed. The sensei’s taught principles and applications seamlessly, flowing from one exercise into the other. They lead the seminar together instead of taking turns just doing their type of Karate. That way, even lower grades could connect the dots and practise on their own level. Instead of being overwhelmed with many techniques, you could start seeing how the principles worked in different situations.

During the seminar I have learned a lot. And thanks to the support and personalized advise from the sensei I could emphasize on the parts I wanted and needed to focus on. I enjoyed the seminar and am looking forward to Budo Masters #2.

Jessica Lyhagen Wadokai Sweden

I'm Coming Back For More!

I travelled to Holland, hoping to learn a ”cleaner” technique of my Junzuki and get aware of my bad habits. AJ sensei without doubt exceeded my expectations be explaining and demonstrating in a straight and clear way. It gave me a lot of aha-moments. Splitting up Junzuki in parts was something I not been aware of before.

The seminar gave me more tools to work with and enriched my foundation. There were a lots of tips and tricks, and the hip exercise we did is very useful for me. I would have missed it if I did not attend the seminar and it would be hard to get on my own. I already saw results at the seminar, so I'm confident I will gain even more taking the methods on board now that I'm back home.

I highly recommend this if you want to improve your technique. I`m definately going back for more, fact is that I have already asked when then next event is. In my opinion if you want to enrich your foundation this is a very good way of doing it.

Dave 5th Dan - Spain

The Perfect Seminar

Great teaching! Not only does AJ know his subject, his passion shines through and his teaching ability is obvious for all to see. Put the knowledge, passion and teaching together and you have the perfect Wado seminar.

Jos Wadokai Holland

I'm confident I can make my Junzuki stronger

When AJ sensei said he would cover Junzuki at the Wado Masters Course, I hoped to get new insights on how to perform a powerful Junzuki. I like how AJ breaks down the complete movement and highlights details of the movement, to then turn that into specific focus points and taylor-made excercises. Thanks to that, it’s now easier to put my body weight in my punch. I not only found out how to do that, but also how to pay attention to several key issues using specific exercises. They work great, so I'm confident I can make my Junzuki stronger. Looking back, without those focused exercises I wouldn’t not know where to start.

Andy Ardelean 4th Dan

After AJ's seminars I always feel like I have taken my skill up a notch

AJ sensei always knows exactly what I need to focus on to take my karate to the next level.

He is the only instructor I know who focuses on key points rather than just form. That’s why you gain a lot of practical insights as well as theoretical knowledge, making each of his seminars a unique experience.

AJ sensei’s teaching method and demonstrations are also clear and logical.

After his seminars I always feel like I have taken my skill up a notch.

Albert Bouma 2nd Dan

You get cues and clues that make the difference

What you learn here will really take your Wado to a higher level.

I get deeper insights that I have never heard anywhere else.

Time is not just filled with exercises... Instead, you get clues that make the difference.

Every time they explain a number of other fascinating facets of the Wado.

Neil Bennett 1st Dan

The Aston Martin of Karate teaching.....

I really enjoyed myself by receiving quality instruction balanced with patients and belief.

At no time I felt criticised. In fact, I always felt confident that every element was improving my standards as a student of Wado.

There was so much content to take away from the seminar, especially because their words hit home fast encouraging progression, confidence and self belief.

Even if they teach a form different than you're used to, the way how they explain just makes sense. It's logic, and easy to understand and execute.

Eco Kleefstra 3rd Dan

I discover something new every time

With Sakagami, May & AJ sensei you really dig into the core of Wado.

For some course you have to make time and this is one of them: I discover something new every time.

What makes it even better is the particularly accessible atmosphere.


—(not available seperately)

To get in the mood for Budo Masters #3 you get access to "The Goshin Jutsu Seminar" including 10 bonus videos feat. Sakagami, Edgar & AJ sensei — Running time 61m17s 👌 

👉 When you get your Ticket to Budo Masters #3, the system automatically adds the "The Goshin Jutsu Seminar" and bonus videos to your members area. 

The videos gives you a unique look inside Wado & Yoseikan:
✅ Junte Dori (Body Usage for Goshin Jutsu)
✅ Tehodoki with Dropping
✅ Meotode Uraken
✅ Ude Gatame
✅ Ude Gatame speed training drill
✅ Mune Dori (Omote & Ura Waza)
✅ Nagewaza your opponent can't resist

You're getting these bonus videos too:
✅ Sweden Seminar Goshin Jutsu
✅ Budo Masters #2 Tanto Dori Variations
✅ Wado Masters Taisabaki & Kote Gaeshi



Maybe you want to pay at the door. Or you're afraid your schedule will change. We get it.

You can't get your ticket at the door, only in presale. That's why we offer you an unconditional money back guarantee 👍 

No matter the reason: even if can't come because you have to walk your dog. 

In other words: get your ticket now 👊


Simple, fast and effective flexible move

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Simple, fast and effective flexible move

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Simple, fast and effective flexible move

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Simplest, fastest and just for you

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David Shephard
- 5th Dan

He explains reasoning behind the execution and delivery as well
AJ not only gives step by step instructions to Wado, but also the reasoning behind the execution and delivery as well as the correct mental attitude required for the techniques of Wado Ryu.
Peter May
- 7th Dan

AJ is always probing into the deeper learnings of Wado

A.J.’s thirst for knowledge was apparent even in his younger years, always questioning, always probing into the deeper learnings of Wado. He has painlessly researched and cross referenced differences within the three main styles of Wado.
Nukina Nobuyuki
- 5th Dan

AJ has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess
Through many gasshuku, practices, conversations, e-mails and chats, he has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess. His work will without doubt enlighten the way to improve your karate.


✅ 1 Ticket to Budo Masters #3

✅ Access to The Goshin Jutsu Seminar videos

✅ Bonus videos feat Sakagami, Edgar & AJ sensei


35 euro

do you still have questions? 

Contact AJ at [info @ the-digi-dojo . com] if your answer is not here 👇

Q — I don't have a trainingpartner, can I join?
A — No problem. During this seminar we will not only show you different Kumite techniques, but also ways to practise. So you'll enjoy training with different people. Plus: our students are used to training with different people, so it's no problem to pair you up 👍

Q — What Martial Arts do you need to practise?
A — You're welcome regardless of style or affiliation. Naturally if you have experience in Wado or Yoseikan, those techniques will be easier for you to execute. The main point is that you're excited to join us, as you'll walk away with details and insights otherwise hard to obtain. We have professional experience in teaching internationally, so you can expect tailored feedback — even adjustment of the forms if that's what you need to enjoy training.

Q — Wado already has Jujutsu, I'm not sure how this will be of benefit to me?
A — Yoseikan specialises in the field of Aiki-Jujutsu so you'll walk away with details on body manipulation, joint locks and throwing techniques that enhances your Wado. 

Q — I practise Jujutsu/Aikido, how will Wado training help me?
A — Wado is a "mix" of Karate and Jujutsu with heavy emphasis is on the Karate part. That's why Wado's Taisabaki is aimed to deliver powerful Atemi while deviating the opponents attack at the same time. Principles like Nagashi and Irimi have a different flavor in Wado as opposed to Yoseikan for example, which enriches your knowledge.  

Q — What if our forms are different?
A — You don't want to get confused, we get that. It's why we emphasise the why and how. Instead of convincing you our form is "the right way", we explain you why it works how it works and show you the numerous variations of the techniques so you get deep insights. 

Q — I don't have a Tanto, can I buy one?
A — We will have a few rubber and wooden Tanto in storage and for sale at The Budo Masters Event. We have several that you can borrow as well. Hit reply when you get email about your Ticket and ebook + video access in the member area.

Q — How do I get the bonuses?
A — You automatically get access after your get your ticket. The system unlocks your access in The Vault inside The Digi Dojo. You get email with instructions, just in case you're new to the place.

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