Ancient Technique To Open Secrets Of Wado


How To Open ‘Secrets Of Wado’ Using A Ancient Technique You Probably Don’t Know

Dear Wado enthusiast,

The wait is over. You’ve finally got your hands on ‘Secrets Of Wado’—well, almost. With a book as carefully crafted and durable as this, there’s one thing we recommend you to do before you dive in for the first time.

You see, bookbinding has evolved from using age-old scrolls to modern-time woven, sewing of signatures in hardbound books. By the 4th century, codices—early versions of the modern book—began replacing scrolls. This transition allowed for more durable protection of the pages and added an aesthetic of enduring elegance. The 15th century brought another significant change with the invention of the printing press, when such sewing techniques became widespread. This advancement further fortified the integrity of books and is a testament to the robustness that hardbound volumes embody.

That said, even today with high-quality materials and precision-binding machinery, the ancient technique we’re about to share remains standard advice from librarians, collectors, and booksellers.

So, while you probably don’t need this, we’re including a tip—just in case:

To preserve the quality of your new book, we recommend this ancient method for initially opening it:

1: Hold the book upright with the spine on a flat surface.

2: Carefully open the front cover and gently press it down towards the table, then repeat with the back cover.

3: Open a few pages from the front gently pressing down each small section towards the table after opening. Repeat this with a few pages from the back.

4: Continue alternating opening a few pages at a time from the front and back, pressing down after each segment, working your way toward the middle of the book.

5: Once you reach the middle press down gently on the entire open section to help ease the spine.

For the initial round, pressing after each page helps evenly distribute tension, which is critical for the spine’s initial loosening. Now continue on the back of the paper to find out how to proceed next for the second and third round


6: Repeat the opening process, but press down only after reaching the middle. This approach focuses on maintaining the spine’s flexibility without overworking the binding. Pressing only at the middle during these rounds is sufficient to maintain flexibility and ensures the spine remains in good condition without excessive handling.

7: Complete this process three times to ensure the spine is well loosened and the book can open fully without any strain.

By following these careful steps, you will help preserve the spine and the bound pages, ensuring that ‘Secrets Of Wado’ remains a valuable part of your collection for years to come.

We are grateful for your devotion, enthusiasm and support. May ‘Secrets Of Wado’ inspire and enrich your practice as deeply as it has ours.

With passion and dedication,

A.J. van Dijk & Kuniaki Sakagami