The Online Academy

If you're looking to deepen your knowledge and improve your skill — this is the place


Ido Kihon Pro

Discover in-depth theory of Wadokai Ido Kihon and boost your ability to execute the official basics properly.


Mastering Shiyobui

Make the obscure oldschool forms part of your arsenal for effective self-defense.


Ultimate Uke Waza

How to block and counterattack — including Sanbon and Ippon Kumite.


Keys to Crisp Kata

In depth on 15 Wadokai Kata & applications.


Advanced Wado Kumite

Revealed: details of core Wado pairwork that only a few top instructors know so you can progress faster than ever before.


The Journey to Henka Waza

Forge the mindset and skill you need to adapt instantly. The course includes coverage of all Ohyo Kumite and never-revealed-before Henka Waza.


Teaching for Martial Arts

Turn all your classes into oiled machines no matter if you're teaching kids, adults or dan grades.


The Karate Class Collection

Secure your at-home training with 30+ follow-along classes and a variety of exercises.


Mobility for Martial Arts

Reveals a plethora of effective mobility exercises, stretching techniques and soft tissue work. If you've ever felt stiff or unable to do techniques as you want them to — check this out.


Mastering Meotode

Discover the framework that teaches Compression and Meotode simultaneously, from the ground up — trapping skills included that unlock your 1-inch-punch ability.


The Kobudo Curriculum

Not only master Bo, Sai, Nunchaku and Tonfa, but deepen your empty-hand Karate skills and add variety to your training too. You'll learn 40 Kihon, 20 Kumite and 12 Training Kata — "designed to make you good".


Japanese Level Taisabaki

Enhance your formal Kumite practise through specifically designed solo and pairwork exercises that add fun and variety to your training with dialed-in methods to boost official pairwork like Kihon Kumite and Kumite Gata.


The Ultimate Jujutsu

Explore the vast curriculum of Yoseikan Jujutsu and never look further to enhance your skill all-round.

This course is for inner circle students of my Dojo only. For now.


Sogo Budo International Online

Everything you need to stay on top of your Yoseikan game. 

Course access is limited to members of Sogo Budo International.