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If you're looking to deepen your knowledge and improve your skill — this is the place.

free course!

karate principles & terminology

discover 20+ articles on the most fundamenal principles turned into easy-to-understand explanations with key points you can apply

Deepen your knowledge on Inasu, Noru, Chinshinho, Fushinho, Suki, Mikiri... and much more.

With 20+ Premium Articles jam-packed with Pro Videos containing important explanations and training methods you'll be well on your way to improve your techniques.

mastering meotode

get a proven-effective framework to Increase Your Striking Ability And Turn Your Basic "blocks" To Life With Level-3 Meotode?

Discover the framework that teaches Compression and Meotode simultaneously from the ground up — trapping skills included that unlock your 1-inch-punch ability.

mobility for martial arts


Mobility For Martial Arts reveals a plethora of effective mobility exercises, stretching techniques and soft tissue work.

If you've ever felt stiff or unable to do techniques as you want them to — check this out.

mastering shiyobui

Discover 23 Authentic Ways Of Almost-Forgotton Traditional Attacks That Dramatically Increase Your Understanding And Versatility

Mastering Shiyobui covers rarely taught details so you can focus on what makes the oldschool forms truly effective (and make them work).

You can understand their versatility on a fundamental level so you always know which weapon is your best choice.

And: there are specific methods to master the oldschool ways to attack — Pairwork included.

ultimate uke waza

Discover The Finer Points Of All Uke Waza ("Blocks") Accompanied By Matching Pairwork And Trainingmethods

Ultimate Uke Waza reveals rarely taught yet important key points of a variety of Uke Waza so you can go from average to excellent performance.

And combined with the exercises and matching pairwork your Uke Waza go from form to function too.

keys to crisp kata

access the deep fundamental analysis of 15 wadokai kata so you know how to perform kata correctly — applications included

Keys to Crisp Kata uncovers all 15 Wado Kata and provides in-deth explanations — move by move.

This course is a fusion of the hardcover "Wado No Michi" and "Kata Applications and Analysis" so you'll have principle-based key points and fundamental explanations at your fingerstips. Topped off with practical applications so you can understand and apply the skills.

advanced wado kumite

kihon kumite, kumite gata, tanto dori and idori — need i say more?

Discover Advanced Wado Kumite that teaches the most profound Wado techniques. This course reveals details and cues that only a few top instructors know so you can progress faster than ever before.

the journey to henka waza

Achieve Freedom Of Movement Through Real Henka Waza Without Complicated Body Movement That Takes Years To Master 

The Journey To Henka Waza is your ticket to moving freely. Through in-depth analysis of the concept of "Henka" you'll forge the mindset and skill you need to adapt instantly.

The course includes coverage of all Ohyo Kumite and never-revealed-before Henka Waza. 

teaching for martial arts

Turn all your classes into oiled machines no matter if you're teaching kids, adults or dan grades?

Discover practical teaching skills that professionals use without additional unneccesary academic details (aka background noise) that you don't need in the dojo. 

the pro special

access all mini series, seminar footage and more strictly pro content

The Mini Series is an ongoing collection of 3-part video series on a wide range of subjects. 

With your Pro Licence you can even request subjects to cover in the next scheduled videoshoot. 

Next to these invaluable series, you get access to seminar footage that's only available indefinatly for Pro's.

the 30-day split challenge


With this proven-effective program, you gain momentum in only 16 training sessions. You'll get daily kick-in-the-butt emails and videos packed with training knowledge. 


on the roadmap

the kobudo curriculum

on the roadmap

examinars licence