is your dojo closed too?

secure your karate training with 4 designed-to-Follow-Along Classes while improving your skill at the same time

as if you're back in the dojo

This offer expires soon.


Through many gasshuku, practices, conversations, e-mails and chats, AJ has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess. This will without doubt enlighten the way to improve your karate.

NOBUYUKI NUKINA  //  6th Dan JKF-Wadokai

FROM: AJ van Dijk — Chief Instructor Karate & Kobudo, Founder of The Digi Dojo

SUBJECT: How to secure your at-home training with top-notch instruction.

Dear Martial Artist,

Is your Dojo closed again too?

It’s quite frustrating most of us have to stick to practicing at home.

…away from your instructor 

…away from your friends

…and without positive peer pressure. 

You wish you could go back tomorrow for proper practise, because repeating Kata a few times, throwing a reverse punch or two and turning on the lights with Mawashigeri is just not the same…

Right now though, we’re still not going anywhere.

So what is the best way to practise properly at home?

The way that...

  • Allows you to practise with focus so you can work on your techniques without distractions or interruption…
  • Pushes you to keep up the pace, encouraging full effort and doing enough repetitions…
  • Introduces a variety of techniques to keep class fun and interesting…
  • Reveals key points that allow you to improve your techniques - even through video instruction…

…or one that does ALL that?

Of course. 

I shouldn't have to ask you the question.

How does this sound?

Follow-along Karate classes designed to push you to do proper practise — as if you're back in the Dojo. Pre-recorded, so you can fit them into your seemingly ever-changing schedule.

Hi 👋 

I’m AJ from, Chief Instructor for Wadokai Holland and Kenshinkai Kobudo Europe. 

When Covid-19 hit us back in March 2020, I took action right away. 

Investing up to 4 hours a day, I scripted and shot videos designed to follow along — 31 to be precise.

I called it: The Hologram Series.

Like a hologram popping up in your living room to teach (it was my dream back in ’98).

With loads of stuff added almost one year later, it transformed into The Karate Class Collection ⬇️

You can now try 4 popular classes for just 4 euro for a limited time...

✅ CLASS 1: The Uke Waza Drill — to forge an iron defense 

✅ CLASS 2: Ido Kihon Gyakuzuki — to perfect your reverse punch

✅ CLASS 3: All 5 Pinan Kata — to learn secrets and training methods for sharper Kata

✅ CLASS 4: Tobikomi & Nagashizuki — to discover and practise hidden mechanics through uniquely-effective tailored exercises 

Click here to get access right away.

Here's what you get ⬇️


"The Uke Waza Drill" 

VALUE €58,-

Discover key points and training methods of each “block” so you can build a stronger defense and not to mention: enjoy your training.

These are official techniques, but practised in a different way then you’re used to, so you’ll have some variety for a change.

And you'll discover...

  • The number one key to align Jodan Uke to your body dynamically throughout the movement so his attack will never feel heavy again.
  • The untold secret to flow your Gedan Barai so you can finally get passed choppy or arm-only movement.
  • How to execute Uchi Uke while adding Wado's characteristic movement to the mix.
  • The critical PHYSICAL aspect of Shuto Uke that doesn't rely on huge forearm tension.
  • How to connect your back leg to Kake Uke to create stability so you can easily control your opponent.
  • The hidden compression and expansion skills that take your Soto Uke and "in-movement" to the next level.
  • The dead-easy exercise to go from low-level hip twisting to hip vibration that allows for one-inch punch like dynamics making your techniques effective on VERY short range too.
  • How to double the heaviness of your Otoshi Uke with "The Back-Drop Method" to have your opponent think a truck is pulling his arm.
  • Increase sharpness with leg-switch Neko Ashi and unorthodox wrist and palm Meotode techniques so you can add compression and body dropping at the same time (these are effective close-combat moves)
  • Discover an unknown component of Hiji Uke that's considered deeper knowledge of Naihanchi Nidan in Shorin Ryu Karate.


"ido kihon gyakuzuki" 

VALUE €44,-

Instead of mindlessly repeating the same basics over and over, this class reveals the core aspects of the technique and how you practise physically with tailored methods.

For example, you'll find out...

  • How projecting through centerline creates internally-connected crescent leg movement that promotes whole-body skill.
  • How to create power through the correct stance by NOT rotating your hips, but using the instant-dynamic that turns your back leg into a hammer hitting a nail.
  • How "Rhythm Training" unlocks the obscure "move from Tanden" so you can transition smoothly from one stance to another (you'll know how).
  • How "The Centerline Push" allows you to control the space while loading your body so you can punch with inner muscles even before you have internal-level skills.
  • The "Diagonal-Punch Method" from Nukina sensei that ensures flawless weight transfer from your strike into your opponent.
  • Discover your reverse punch' key components to perfect your technique from start to end
  • How Ge- Chu- And Jo-Tanden maintain aligned throughout so you can strike hard and efficient at the same time because your body is in the mechanically-ideal position.
  • Increase your focus with the "Computer Shutdown" skill that sucks you into your reverse punch making you forget the world around you so you can truly enjoy your training
  • How "Autopilot Training" turns the swinging-arms method into laserfocused movement that allows you to strike from ANY position.
  • Smooth-start your move with the 1-2 method that matches your rhythm with your movement so you can advance in the blink of an eye — straight to the target.
  • How to perform a reverse punch smoothly with controlled explosive power so not only your form looks good, but is effective too.


"All 5 pinan kata" 

VALUE €97,-

Quite some years into my training, Kata training meant repeating the Kata. Unfortunately, sheer repetition is NOT what makes you better, or understand more. Key Point-driven training with "Side-Stepping" so you can zoom in and drill the skill works much better. 

Are you ready for ideal training the next 60 minutes?

  • Discover the key element of Pinan Nidan's first movement and how that affects the timing of Otoshi Uke.
  • Forge your whole-body skill with "Fall-In Training" that maximises your power output through external force (not more muscles).
  • The seems-too-easy "3-Beat Turn" method that makes your skill level jump grades instantly — it's how you master Pinan Sandan's principle of Tenshin.
  • How "Loop Training" combined with the "Elbow In" key point drills and sharpens your Morote Uke so you can use it effectively in application.
  • Forge the ultimate Fundamental "Kinto" through "The Pulse Method" that creates sharpness in your Pinan Shodan unlike you've ever seen before.
  • How dropping the tension allows you to let your arm catch up with your body generating whip-like effects
  • Revealed: The Hikite secret of Shuto Uke that turns your Kamae into a fortress.
  • How to use the often counter-intuitive "Lean-In" method so you can drastically smoothe-up your move and stabilise your technique.
  • Sharpen your Uraken using the hidden-in-plain-sight "Pull to Circle" so you can direct your energy properly in a small movement.
  • Generate instant movement with "The Elbow Dip" turning your Urazuki and Soto Uke into the most crisp moves from your arsenal.


"Tobikomi- & Nagashizuki" 

VALUE €77,-

As if I hadn't been paying attention for years, the day that Ishikawa sensei showed how core body movement translated to front foot and back foot movement: everything clicked.

It's exactly what this class is about.

  • Discover "The Weighted Jab" that directly translates into the bounce-back characteristic of Tobikomizuki.
  • Use the undetectable "Double Breathing Method" to master in-movement breathing so you can move smoothly and strike decisively.
  • How "The Smooth Slide" allows you to naturally install deeper mechanics so you can achieve stillness in movement without really paying any attention to it.
  • Witness how the unorthodox method to develop ultimate centerline striking turning your punch into a laser.
  • How "The Attachment Method" turns your body into one unit so you can strike effectively putting your body weight behind it automatically.
  • How "The Sticking Elbow" method vaporises your open elbow bad habit instantly so your straight punches become dead-straight. 
  • "The Bridge Method" that seemlessly connects centerline striking to entering attacking with your full weight behind it.
  • The "Palm-In Method" that narrows your centerline so it's more difficult for your opponent to spot your movement.
  • How "The Small Stance Method" automatically actives your back leg so you'll no longer drag it along — increasing impact of your punch.
  • Sharpen your Nagashizuki with "The Front Foot Rhythm Method" that creates explosive movement.
  • Turn side stepping and delayed back leg into a razorsharp move so you can avoid any upcoming attack in a flash while timing your whole body perfectly.

Total value so far: €276,-

You can get all classes now for just 4 euro.

And if you order now, you get more.


get 4 bonuses for FREE if you decide now (108 euro value)

Each class comes with a special "Mini Series". That's a 3-part video series revealing specifics of the techniques — step by step. Follow along and add the training methods to your regime 👊.


"Gems of jodan uke" 

VALUE €27,-

✅ [VIDEO 1] How the hip joint position affects your movement, so you always know which stance to use to achieve your goal — for example: Naihanchi and Shiko Dachi have completely opposite functions (you'll see)

✅ [VIDEO 2] Use "The Vertical Axis Method" to merge Jodan Uke with Wado Taisabaki while keeping perfect balance.

✅ [VIDEO 3] The "Fall-In Combo Method" unlocks your ability to add momentum + high-level mechanics in step by step training so progress is inevitable.


"Secrets Of Morote Uke"

VALUE €27,-

✅ [VIDEO 1] Revealed: The ideal position of both arms, and how that relates to not only other techniques but fundamentally to naturally strong alignment.

✅ [VIDEO 2] Use "The Dynamic Elbow Method" to create sharpness, stability and a high power output without more effort (this is the Budo minimum effort maximum effect expression at work)

✅ [VIDEO 3] How to use "The Sai-Ready Method" to forge compression skills and step up your game to internal level techniques.


"Great at gyakuzuki" 

VALUE €27,-

✅ [VIDEO 1] How "The Stationary Method" allows you to focus on hip twisting and axis rotation to get more power in your punch.

✅ [VIDEO 2] Discover "The Shifting Method" to develop the whole-body skill so you won't punch with your arm alone and rely on muscle strength.

✅ [VIDEO 3] Use "Center Gliding" to move dynamically so that you can adjust the distance and connect your techniques.


"Shoulderblade striking" 

VALUE €27,-

✅ [VIDEO 1] How to emphasise shoulderblade movement with "The Double Shoulder Method" so you can turn dormant or even absent shoulder movement into sophisticated skill.

✅ [VIDEO 2] Discover how the Neko Ashi Dachi "Back Foot Secret" connects shoulderblade to whole body movement so you can easily make your punches more heavy.

✅ [VIDEO 3] "The Ultimate Feedback Method" not only tests your shoulderblade skill, but also isolates and forges it so you can take your techniques to the next level.

your investment

✅ CLASS 1: The Uke Waza Drill — Value €58,-

✅ CLASS 2: Ido Kihon Gyakuzuki — Value €44,-

✅ CLASS 3: All 5 Pinan Kata — Value €97,-

✅ CLASS 4: Tobikomi- & Nagashizuki — Value €77,-

✅ BONUS: The Matching Mini-Series — Value €108,-

TOTAL VALUE: € 384,-

NOW: just 4 euro

I know. It's insane.
But I want to give you taste and help you with your training.

*This offer expires soon

Fill out your details to get access now!

why you should take my classes?

The last 20 years, I’ve studied tirelessly under Japanese instruction, published several books (The Hardcover Bestseller Wado No Michi being one of them) and scripted, directed and shot THOUSANDS of videos. 

Shooting for the 2-disc DVD "Wadokai Karate Curriculum" that eventually transformed into The Digi Dojo.

Photoshoot for Yokoyama Kancho's "Principles of Karate".

I’ve guided senior instructors throughout Europe in person through seminars and private training. 

Using effective keypoint-based explanations and tailored training methods, they managed to get to the next level and improve techniques they had been working on for decades.

And it’s exactly these teachings that you get inside "The 4-Class Edition".

I want to introduce you to 4 classes for just 4 euro.

Follow my count, my speed and my effort as I’m training with you while pushing YOU to keep up the pace — even if you're training at your house.

You’ll feel like being back in the Dojo again 👊

join now!

If you want to enjoy training, feel happy and energised, get these 4 popular classes from The Karate Class Collection.

Practise along to get excited and discover new depths of your skill. 

From now on, practise enthusiastically and frequently when you want, without depending on when your Dojo training goes back to normal.

Let's enjoy training together 👊 

PS: Enjoy high-level training at home?

Give the table a nudge, take left stance and practise along with me. You are in control to take fun, effective and energetic classes anytime you want.

Your investment is not € 384,- but only 4 euro if you join right now.

PPS: If you join now you get 4 bonuses valued at €108,- for FREE. With them, you get a plethora of hyper-effective training methods to personalise your training. And whenever you lack time, use the methods as a fall-back plan so even 10-minute sessions will push your quality to the next level.

PPPS: All classes contain sections, so you can even do parts of it if you lack time.

Do the methods and follow the classes to boost your skills and enjoy training at home under high-level instruction.

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