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How To Use Dynamic Stretching To "Skip" Your Warm-up (+ Neuro System Hack)

  • Including 3 dynamic stretching exercises
  • + Principle behind dynamic stretching & how to apply it to ANY technique

I couldn't even remotely touch my toes... let alone do the splits.

And now look 👇

The only thing I did was 16 training sessions applying a secret stretching technique that I NEVER heard of (inspite my 20+ years of training...)

The specific method I studied to get there is what I now teach my students— it’s how we finalise every class (takes only 10 minutes).

And you can learn it too...

Throughout the 30-Day Split Challenge you get access to 40+ videos containing tweaks, hacks, background info and training advice that are all "obvious AJ value adds" as Mats Vindefjärd calls it.

Don't have time to start right away? 

You don't have to...

In fact: I recommend you to take time to prepare. Get to know the exercises. Plan.

The challenge litteraly comes with a start button, so you can start when you are ready.

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