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"How Important Are Stances?"

This video is not about static posture. Not about transition of movement. Or weight shifting.

That has been covered too many times.

Sakagami sensei as a completely different take on the matter - you’ll realise this right away when I quote him.

The jump and landing from Pinan Godan. That’s what I use to explain Sakagami sensei’s quote. His fundamental explanation. 

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  • The Pareto Principle Applied
  • How important are stances?
  • Last but not least...
  • Practise and purpose of Yakusoku Kumite
  • The BIG difference between Keiko and Renshu
  • Ichi Go Ichi E
  • The Jujutsu in Wado
  • My opinion on Cross Training
  • Wado has no defense against haymakers and low kicks
  • The meaning of self defense
  • Purpose of Renraku Waza
  • The best lesson I learned from Ishikawa Sensei
  • Basics up and down the Dojo
  • Uncharted Territory - Movement Patterns
  • Seven Virtues of Bushido - Loyalty

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Pinan Sandan Walkthrough

Sakagami Sensei Kihon Kumite 1

Training Method For Gyakuzuki

Kette Junzuki Performance

Training Method for Meotode

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